Campus Free Speech

Free Speech Talks in October


In coming weeks, I'll be appearing on several campuses, either virtually or in person, to talk about free speech and academic freedom issues. On October 16, I'll be speaking at Princeton University. On October 18, I'll be speaking at Abraham Baldwin College. On October 21, I'll be at the University of Oklahoma. On October 25, I'll be at the University of San Diego Law School. Looking ahead to November, I'll be speaking at Davidson College and the University of Houston Law School.

If you find yourself on one of those campuses, I hope you'll come out. And I hope you bring questions. I'm sure my prepared remarks will be scintillating, but the conversations afterwards with members of the audience are particularly valuable. Let's think through what is on your mind about these issues.

If you'd like me to speak at your campus, especially about free speech and academic freedom issues, drop me an email.

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  1. The IRS Non-Profit Office must rescind the exemption of any woke agency. All government funding, subsidies, and grants should be cancelled. Then its accreditation should be pulled.

    The purpose of these privileges is to promote education. In education all sides of a subject are covered. If only one side is allowed, that is called indoctrination.

    Worse, this indoctrination is in the service of the Chinese Commie Party and treasonous.

    Zero tolerance for woke.

  2. Is the October 16 meeting at Princeton open to the General Public?

  3. Any chance that Prof. Whittington will Name that Party?

  4. "If you find yourself on one of those campuses, I hope you'll come out."

    This really belongs in another post. Possibly a cut and paste error.

  5. Hey Keith, never a whisper about free speech rights and the fate of the J6 protestors. I mean why bother having free speech if when you question "the Party" or "the Regime" you lose all your rights including 1A.

    But lets stay abstract

  6. Prof. Whittington, since Davidson College (NC), is a private institution (and the others are public), will you tailor your presentation since 1A isn't as big a factor in a private setting as it is in public facility?

    And since we're talking speech in North Carolina, how 'bout Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson saying things like, "“Now, if God gave the garden slug a way to defend themselves, what makes you think he didn’t give man, who he created in his own image, a way to defend himself? Those AR-15s and Glock 9mms and .45 calibers; where do you think they came from? Who do you think inspired them?"

    And, he added that schools could avoid shootings by teaching more about Jesus. "If you had let God come in that building before that shooting, if you had told those students, ‘Jesus Christ is the way and the light, and only through him can you receive salvation,’ there wouldn’t have been no school shooting.”

    And lastly, “There is no reason anybody, anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality or any of that filth,” Robinson said to applause from the congregation. “And yes, I called it filth. And if you don’t like it that I called it filth, come see me about it.”

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