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The Mayflower Subcompact

The full service hotel no longer has full services.


I have stayed at the Mayflower Hotel many times. For nearly a century, the Hotel has been a landmark in D.C. It is one of my favorite places to stay. The Mayflower is also home for the Federalist Society National Convention. On any given day, the hotel bustled with energy. The concierge lounge brimmed with movers and shakers. It was a place to be. But no more.

Yesterday, I checked into the Mayflower for the first time since the pandemic began. It is not the same place. The concierge lounge on the tenth floor is closed. The front desk clerk told me there was not enough capacity to justify keeping it open. Marriott Platinum members receive a $27 credit for breakfast at Edgar's, which will not cover a full breakfast with tax and tip. Moreover, there is no room service. I got in late, so I ordered Dominos. The hotel is also quite dead. There was no conference going on. The grand hall was empty. I felt like I was in a bizarro world.

Alas, this full service hotel no longer has full service. I hope things improve for November, when the National Lawyers Convention will be held.