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Welcome SLoG!


A group of prominent state and local government law scholars have launched SLoG, the State & Local Government Law blog. Launched by founding editors Meryl Chertoff (Georgetown), Nestor Davidson (Fordham), Sheila Foster (Georgetown), Daniel Rodriguez (Northwestern), David Schleicher (Yale), and Miriam Seifter (Wisconsin), SLoG is sure to be a must-read for those interested in legal questions relating to state and local government, including land-use regulation and intergovernmental relations, among other things.  I recommend bookmarking the site and checking back often.

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  1. You — and your non-polemical, reasoned, academic content aimed at an audience broader than gape-jawed bigots and superstitious culture war losers — are at the wrong blog, Prof. Adler. If you want the audience of this blog to pay attention, you need to focus on owning the libs and flattering disaffected, anti-social clingers.

    How long before you reach Prof. Kerr’s conclusion and leave the downscale red-meat-tossing to the likes of Profs. Blackman and Volokh?

  2. Prof Adler, thank you, although I admit to some reservations about any group promoting ‘city’s rights.’ The issue is not, as they say, cronyism, it’s the political and financial power being centered in, and being allocated to areas that do not have or produce resources or materials. Areas that human beings, in times of desperation, or when looking for peace, strive to escape.

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