Two Upcoming Events at Heritage: Scholars and Scribes and Holocaust and the 1st Amendment

Today at 1 ET and Tuesday at 11 ET


I am happy to be presenting at two fantastic programs hosted by the Heritage Foundation.

Today, I will be speaking at the annual Supreme Court roundup program, titled Scholars & Scribes. I'll be joined by Greg Garre, Adam Liptak, and Jess Bravin. We'll have lots to talk about, though thankfully, no SCOTUS retirement.

On Tuesday, I will be speaking at a very special event with Judge David Stras of the Eighth Circuit. It is titled, "How My Grandparents' Experience During the Holocaust Shaped My Views on the First Amendment." Judge Stras already shared some of his insights in the Wall Street Journal. It is truly a touching story.

John Malcolm of Heritage will be moderating both events.

Both events are free to the public, and can be streamed online. I hope you can watch.

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  1. I missed the livestream of today’s supreme court roundup. Is a replay of the livestream available? I checked the heritage website and youtube channel, but it’s not there. There are dozens of recent videos about CRT on the youtube channel though. “How CRT has infiltrated the church” is especially hilarious, but several of the others are just as good.

    Was today’s supreme court roundup an actual in-the-flesh event, where actual biological human organisms are in close physical proximity and share the same airspace (one person’s exhale is another person’s inhale)?

    It would be great if it was. I’m hoping that zoom events (and their uneven audio and crappy video) will go the way of the dodo as soon as possible. Everything is opening up, why not panel events? If the zoom effect of the pandemic lingers, it will be for the worse; there is no doubt.

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