Cato is hiring a Project Manager and Research Associate for Health Policy


I am happy to pass along these announcements from Michael Cannon, the Director of health Policy Studies at the Cato Institute. Cato is hiring for two positions that may be of interest to readers: a project manager for health policy and a research associate for health policy.

I've worked closely with Michael over the years on ACA litigation. These positions will put you at the cutting edge for health policy research, and in some cases, strategic litigation.


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  1. Health care rent seeking is 10 times bigger, 10 times more deadly, and 10 times more intractable than lawyer d-word failure. If you reduce health costs, 10 million Democrats will lose their jobs. That includes $billions in losses to the billionaires providing toxic services to health care. This problem is totally underestimated by naive policy makers. Doctors also are making 10% of the budget from the antics of the lawyer d-word, in defensive medicine. Defensive medicine is a health care fraud, because it is not medically necessary, but legally necessary. That is why the lawyer d-word has not been killed.

    The remedies have to be done in a stealthy, backdoor manner, which I am not discussing here.

    1. For example, the failure of the lawyer d-word allows 15000 murders. The docs are killing 10 times as many people from medical errors. The Dem quacks in the medical hierarchy promoted the Chinese Commie Party lockdown in the states. That killed millions. It is like that. Biggest mistake in human history. Biggest, fastest mass murder in human history. Docs participated and promoted it. The lawyer d-word failure does not come close.

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