Today in Supreme Court History

Today in Supreme Court History: April 23, 1985


4/23/1985: Cleburne v. Cleburne Living Center, Inc. argued.

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  1. And five years later, Congress passed the ADA.

    1. I never understood why the city couldn’t argue that it was a residential care facility (similar to a nursing home) *because* of the 24-hour staffing and hence they had a right to regulate based on that — extra vehicular traffic, etc.

      Of course they could do what a lot of college towns have done and prohibit more than four unrelated persons from residing in the same unit, and that’s somehow Constitutional. (It was upheld in Worcester, MA.)

  2. Whatever the merits, 9 know notjing dumbass lawyers got to make national policy on a complex, technical subject. Outrageous tyranny by people more impaired than the residents in that home.

    1. And 536 equally dumbass people, many lawyers, got to reverse it 5 years later — today, the mentally retarded would be a protected class because ADA defined them as such.

      Bob Dole was largely behind the ADA and he was an attorney.
      Also a disabled WWII vet.

      1. ADA: prime example of lawyer dumbassery. Totally devastated employment of the handicapped. Hire a handicapped, hire a lawsuit. Then ADA trolls went around measuring the heights of sinks in the bathroom, to collect $15000 per inch they were off. I planned to do that to the county courthouse, until they dismissed my matter. I have the 6 page laminated notes on measurement requirements, ADA Accessibility Details, cost $8 on Amazon. I can take to my depositions to cost the lawyer scumbags $thousands in litigation renovation costs for their offices. All victims of this scumbag profession should get it before visiting any of their scumbag locations.

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