Today in Supreme Court History

Today in Supreme Court History: March 20, 1854


3/20/1854: The Republican Party is founded. President Abraham Lincoln would be elected President on the Republican ticket six years later on November 6, 1860.

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  1. Why does this count as “Supreme Court history”?

    1. Board of Trustees of University of Illinois v. United States, 289 U.S. 48, March 20, 1933, was too difficult to find?

  2. Do Meriman and Milligan ring a bell?

    And with Barrack O’Biden likely to get us into a shooting war with the Russians — who have plenty of nukes, the nuances of SCOTUS decisions may become moot.


    1. Wait! Is Nostradamus Ed now predicting nuclear holocaust in addition to his (already predicted) Second Civil War? And which one will come first anyway ?!?

      Some bonus questions :

      (1) Did our Ed get equally butthurt when Trump was exchanging invectives with Kim Jong-un (before they became pie-eyed sweethearts), or during his rhetorical jihad against Xi Jinping? I’ll go out on a limb and guess Eddie cheered Trump on even during his most schoolyard juvenile antics.

      (2) Or is it just rage at besmirching Putin? Today’s Right seems to have a strange fondness for that man, which is strange given his tragic failure as Russian ruler – or all-around loathsomeness.

  3. The party of commerce, the Whigs, was just renamed.

  4. There is dispute as to where (and when) the Republican Party was founded. After it became successful lots of people wanted to claim credit.

    Only of historical interest, of course. The current Republican Party is approximately 179 degrees from the party of Lincoln (as is the current Democratic Party from the party of Jefferson Davis). Anyone hear of the Ripon Society lately?

    1. I agree. Lincoln was an LGBTQAI, big government abomination, pal of Karl Marx. Started the income tax, the draft, beat the asses of journalists and of judges, invented mass incarceration, started an easily preventable war, that killed 600000, like 2 million. Typical of the Democrat of today.

      1. Also… Lincoln was a lawyer, albeit a distance learner, not an Ivy indoctrinated dipshit. Very Democrat.

      2. DaivdBehar : “started an easily preventable war”

        OK, I guess there are only two options here : Ignore you as a troll or ask. It’s probably not the correct decision, but I’ll take the second choice : Preventable how?

        I assume from your overall record of commenting that you know zero history, so let me help you out with some background : Even before Lincoln became president, seven states had already seceded from the United States, seized federal properties by military force, and fired on American vessels. So – short of surrender – preventable how?

        And after you explain how it was “preventable” you can then explain how it was “easily preventable”…. (That’ll be twice fun to watch)

        1. If you are taking a poll for future consideration, put me down for the “ignore as a troll” option.

  5. How about a shout out for Ripon, WI, birthplace of the party. Also know for Ripon College and cookies.

  6. Lincoln to Trump.
    That is one hell of a downhill trajectory

    1. I agree. They were ok up through Hoover (who was a good and conscientious man) and Eisenhower (ditto, though too much under the control of JF Dulles and unable to stand up to McCarthy). After that, evil (Nixon), incompetent (Ford, Reagan, GW Bush, Trump) or an empty suit (GHW Bush).

      1. Reagan was an economist and wrenched the stagflation out of the economy, after a decade of Nixon/Carter/Ford throwing up their hands and being unable to do so.

        1. Ha. Reagan had no idea.
          Stagflation was defeated by the sustained efforts of Paul Volcker at the Fed, who kept interest rates at over 20% (!). Carter got blamed for it but what Volcker did worked.

        2. Volcker wrenched the stagflation out of the economy, with a lot of economic suffering as the payment. I’m willing to give Reagan his historical due (even without agreeing with almost all his policies), but that doesn’t mean abandoning historical fact for fantasy. Reagan’s major economic innovation was making the GOP the party of massive debt & self-serving lies. I won’t say he was the equal of Trump in pathological lying – we’ll probably (hopefully) never see that equal – but he put lying at the very heart of the Republican domestic agenda. A direct line runs from him to the buffoonish sickness of Trump.

          I also wouldn’t list GHW Bush as an empty suit. Of course I didn’t vote for the man, but there are several things he did well. His debt reduction agreement was an equal factor with Clinton’s in the brief period of budget surpluses. It’s a shame he repudiated his own courageous act come next election, calling for the same massive tax cuts imbecility as every GOPer must, post-Reagan. Also, his foreign policy stewardship during the dissolution of the USSR was frequently skillful.

          1. GHW Bush made any serious discussion of the deficit impossible (his irresponsible “read my lips” pledge in the 1988 campaign) so I don’t give him credit for “fixing” it. As for the dissolution of the USSR, once he and his advisors (finally) realized the situation he acted prudently and responsibly. Even Dukakis gave him credit for that.

      2. Trump was the greatest President since Washington. Show some respect. Not being sarcastic.

        1. Hilarious. Even Trump’s most abject bootlicking toady here must add a defensive postscript ( “Not being sarcastic” ) when claiming his idol is more than a clown. For four years Trump supporters had to trample truth in the mud to defend his lies, spin out ludicrous theories of “eighth-dimensional-chess” to excuse his incompetence, and fall back on “owning the libs” to explain his bungling.

          You’d think they’d be tired of all that humiliating equivocation. You’d think they’d welcome the chance for honest (repeat – honest) opposition – their ideological commitment to fairy tales no longer required.

          Nope. The Era of Trump has rooted lies so deep in their souls they just can’t give’em up.

      3. “…unable to stand up to .”

        Eisenhower didn’t really care that much about McCarthy, and probably agreed with him to a point. As soon as McCarthy attacked the US Army, that was too far for Ike and he had him humiliated and destroyed.

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