Today in Supreme Court History

Today in Supreme Court History: March 19, 1891


3/19/1891: Chief Justice Earl Warren's birthday.

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  1. Illustrates the reason why the Supreme Court should be moved to the middle of the country, like Wichita, KS. Conservative jurist became horrifying, rent seeking, criminal lover, big government, mass murdering abomination aftet a short time in Democrat hellscape Washington.

    1. If the Supreme Court was moved to the middle of the country, wouldn’t Progressive jurists become horrifying, mouth-breathing, bigoted, hatred-filled, right-winged, racists?

      Maybe we should put the SC on a plane (Supreme Court One?), so it can travel to the geographic location most favorable to the issue(s) they’re attempting to decide.

      1. You are corrext. Progressive jurists from the coasts would soon become real Americans, with Midwest values. Humans imitate local culture within a short time. You should look into Midwest culture to understand why it is the best choice of regional US cultures. One of its features is fairness.

        1. In the Midwest, Warren would have never supported the illegal confinement of Japanese people who committed no crime. Had he been on a midwest placed Supreme Court, he would have over ruled that awful mistake. Besides fairness, common sense is a feature of Midwest culture.

          The confinement of Jews also violated German law. Yet, European anti-Semitism made a whole country lawless. Think about the horrible effect of culture. Do not dismiss it too quickly.

          1. How many Midwestern Congresspersons introduced actions to end the internment or criticized it? The SCOTUS justices who blessed it were from Alabama, New Hampshire, New York, Minnesota and two from Kentucky. In other words, keep putting the mor into moron.

            1. The General who gave the interment order was from Nebraska.

              1. General spent time in Washington DC. Became a dipshit.

                1. A response as pathetic as it is predictable.

        2. Given that the majority of Americans live on the coasts and vote Democrat, they are far more entitled to be considered “real Americans” than the people who live in flyover country.

          1. Yo, Brooklyn. Is that what you want?

            1. The Court doing a neo-circuit riding would not be bad.

              Fly around the country a bit, and for at least part of the year let people from other parts of the country have the privilege of seeing them preside.

              1. Supreme Court private conferences and their hearings should be total public. They should be impeached for their decision, not for trivial, collateral corruptions. They are out of control, and must be reined in by the Congress.

            2. Regardless of what I want, it takes a certain amount of chutzpah for people who make up 35% of the population and whose views are completely out of touch with the majority to consider themselves real Americans.

              1. Kry. I grew up in Manhattan, and live in Philadelphia. I know what I am talking about.

            3. Warren went from the extremism of the West Coast, almost Nazi like in his persecution of the Japanese to the radical progressive of Washington. Flyover country is moderate. There are physical reasons for that. We can discuss them if you are willing to listen. You probably are not, because you are a coastal resident. You support big government tyranny, and that is not real American. That is sick Euro trash garbage leading to hellscapes and shitholes, even in rich areas like San Fran. No shithole for America.

              1. This the same extreme West Coast that elected Reagan decades after Warren was on the Court?

                1. Reagan would not have fit in, in the Midwest.

                  1. Reagan was born in small town Illinois and attended college in the same. You’re a loon.

                    1. Precisely, he moved to California, and changed pretty quickly.

                    2. Queenie. Where do you live?

                    3. He changed…into the person that put conservatism back on the political map? You’re incoherent.

                    4. Reagan quickly changed to a Californian, with local extremism.

                    5. I am saying, the Midwest is moderate in its culture. It has the best of American sub-cultures for a Supreme Court.

                    6. David, so rather than Brett Kavanaugh, a Washington DC insider if there ever was one, former President Trump should have instead nominated Court of Appeals Judge Jane Kelly to the Supreme Court? She was born and raised in Indiana and has lived in Iowa since ~1994.

                  2. I was outrage at the Kavanaugh nomination, Yale Law indoctrinated dipshit. I wrote to Trump to nominate Judge Barrett, instead. She was high on the list.

                    This cultural theory predicts, she will be a moderate for 2 years, then a rent seeking, cultural Commie after living in Washington. Her early decisions have been moderate, not extremely conservative. Watch her in 2024.

                    That happened to Scalia. Justice “Hang ‘Em High” led the jihad against mandatory sentencing guideline and wiped them from the land. These had dropped crime 40% across the board, and saved 1000’s of young black male lives not murdered. As they matured out of crime, they could work, become taxpayers, and support their families.

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