Today in Supreme Court History

Today in Supreme Court History: February 28, 1966


2/28/1966: Miranda v. Arizona argued.

The Warren Court (1966)


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  1. Josh, you have the right to remain silent, in case you didn’t know.

    1. Perhaps you should remind yourself.

  2. I wonder, if they were deciding on a blank slate, if today’s Supreme Court would reach the same conclusion.

    1. Obviously they would not.

      1. Obviously you would think it obvious, but not everybody would.

    2. I mean, I think it was 10 years ago the court made a really awful 5th amendment decision where if you do stay silent, that is admissible in court, you have to actually say “I am invoking the right to remain silent” to have that right.

      Which is insane and stupid, but also cannot be squared at all imo with Miranda.

      1. “How can an individual who is not a lawyer know that these particular words are legally magic?” — Breyer, J.

        1. Fortunately everyone who is on trial in the US has access to excellent legal representation, provided by the state if necessary. #sarc

  3. This decision made a fool out of the nation around the world, as people mimicked us after watching Kojak reruns.

    This pro-criminal lawyer profession and this Supreme Court caused an explosion in crime. It took the KKK 100 years to lynch 4000 black males. After this court was done, there were 4000 excess deaths by murder of black males a year. This profession was 100 times more lethal to black males than the KKK. The KKK was founded by 2 lawyers and a judge, it should be noted.

    Prior to the all out attack of the lawyer profession on our black people, all racial disparities in social pathology, including crime victimization, were below 10%. When the lawyer got through in the Sixites and in the Seventies, they shot up to 400%.

  4. Several years later, Ernesto Miranda got into some unrelated trouble with the law. When everyone involved in the case realized that he was that Ernesto Miranda, they decided that during voir dire they would have to bring it up and find out if any potential jurors would hold it against him.

  5. The greatest pyrrhic victory in Supreme Court history. Miranda’s conviction was thrown out, but then they tried him again without the confession and he was found guilty. When he got out, he was killed in a bar fight and the prime suspect was read his Miranda rights, kept his mouth shut, and was never prosecuted. So the net effect of all this was that Miranda v. Arizona didn’t help Miranda, but did help out the guy who (probably) killed Miranda.

    1. Great story more people should hear.

      Gideon decision freed 100’s, but not Gideon. He was guilty, with dozens of quarters in his pocket after a break into a cigarette machine. He chose a slick private lawyer for the do over, not a ACLU ahole, got released, drank, beat up the old lady and died of alcoholism within a short time. Jail would have saved his life.

      1. Hideous outcomes for the victims. Hideous outcomes for the guilty criminal client. But, lawyers got paid for worthless make work, so it is cool.

        1. This continues today. Sentencing reform and consent decrees against the police are loosing vicious violent criminals on our inner city neighborhoods. One purpose of sentencing reform and of bail reform is to have felons vote for the Democrat Party, the party of the criminal, to make our nation a permanent one party state by cheating. The other purpose is to generate lawyer jobs, after a high rate of lawyer unemployment.

          They are out a short time and overdose on fentanyl, as George Floyd did. Addicts commit 200 crimes a year. Crime will be eradicated by sentencing reform through a mass extinction of criminals. The number of overdose deaths in 2019 was 70000. In 2020, it was 83000. This number of deaths is an order of magnitude greater than the wildest fantasy of the most extreme advocate of the death penalty.

          The other result is a 30% surge in the murder of young black males and in the black violent crime victimization of innocent poor people. This Democrat lawyer campaign fulfills the wildest fantasies of the most extreme KKK genocidal maniac, going way beyond any lynching jihad.

  6. This decision illustrates the idea, the stupidest people in our country are lawyers. Among lawyers, the stupidest are the Ivy indoctrinated, hate America Justices of the Supreme Court. This is the most toxic occupation in the country, 10 times more toxic than organized crime. It must be crushed to save our nation.

  7. The lawyers on the Supreme Court are always wrong. You have the idiocy of this decision. When judicial review could have helped the country, to stop the lockdown, to prevent the stolen election, they refused. An unmitigated catastrophe.

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