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Upcoming Virtual Speaking Engagements [Updated and Reposted]

A list of my upcoming online speaking engagements. I am "open for business" for additional talks, too.


NOTE: I have reposted this, because a number of events have recently been added.

While I hope that vaccination changes things over the next few months, for now only virtual  speaking engagements are possible. Last semester, I gave virtual talks "at" a variety of institutions in the United States and abroad, including Harvard, Yale, Cornell, the University of Virginia, Columbia, and others. If nothing else, I am much more comfortable speaking on Zoom and other similar systems than I was before!

Below is my list of online speaking for the spring semester. I am open for business for additional events.if you would like to invite me to give a "virtual" talk about any of my areas of expertise (described in more detail at my website here) at your own university, think thank, or other similar organization, please feel free to contact me.

Unless otherwise noted, they are open to the public, not just students and faculty at the relevant institution. All time are US eastern time (again, unless otherwise noted).

Many of these events are about my recent book Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration and Political Freedom. But I am happy to talk about other issues within my expertise as well. The latest and most timely addition may be the second impeachment of Donald Trump (my writings on the subject were cited in the House Judiciary Committee impeachment report).

I will update this post regularly, with new speaking engagements, and additional information about existing ones.

January 29, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University of California, San Diego, 10-12 AM Pacific time/1-3 PM eastern. "Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom." More detailed description and registration information available here. My understanding is that this event is open only to paying UCSD Osher Institute participants.

February 4, 12-1:15 PM, Harvard Law School: "Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom" (Sponsored by the Harvard Crimmigration Clinic). Free registration available here.

February 8, 12-1 PM, Committee for Justice: "Court-Packing, Term Limits, and Judicial Reform," panel on "Supreme Court Packing and Reforms: Proposals & Prospects." The other panelists are Prof. Joshua Braver (Univ. of Wisconsin Law School), and Tom Jipping (Heritage Foundation). Free registration available here.

February 9, 12:30-145 PM, Indiana University, McKinney School of Law: "The Second Impeachment of Donald Trump. Sponsored by the Indiana University Federalist Society. You can listen by using the  Zoom link here.

February 23,  12-1:15 PM US Eastern time/7-8:15 PM Israeli time, Israel Forum on Law and Liberty: ""Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom." Free registration here (in English) and here (in Hebrew).

February 23, 3-4:30 PM, NYU Law School: "Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom" (sponsored by the Classical Liberal Institute). With commentary by NYU law professors Richard Epstein (one of the world's leading experts on property rights and libertarian legal theory) and Rick Hills (leading federalism scholar). Free registration here.

March 4, 12:45-1:45 PM Central time/1:45-2:45 PM Eastern time, University of Iowa College of Law: "Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom" (sponsored by the University of Iowa Federalist Society). Free online registration available here.

March 4, 7:30-8:45 PM, CSI/CUNY: "Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom" (sponsored by the Legal Studies Institute annual lecture series—rescheduled from 2020). Free Registration here.