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House Judiciary Committee Releases Report on Impeachment

Among many other things, it cites recent writings by VC bloggers Jonathan Adler, Keith Whittington and myself.


The House Judiciary Committee majority staff recently released its report in support of a second impeachment of Donald Trump. I may well have more to say about it later, when time allows.

For now, I will note that the report cites a variety of recent writings on impeachment by Volokh Conspiracy bloggers, including Jonathan Adler, Keith Whittington, and myself. The works cited include this one by Adler, Keith Whittington's  article in the Washington Post, and two of my blog posts (see here and here).

I should emphasize these quotes and citations are far from the most important aspect of the report. And I certainly don't claim that we were the ones who played the decisive role in persuading the House to proceed with impeachment. But it is nice to get noticed, and to play a part, even if only a very small one, in this historic occasion.