State Election Results 2020

Nice summary from the National Conference of State Legislatures.


See here, with a before and after map of partisan control (the after map is above). Some highlights:

On average, 12 chambers change party in each general election cycle. This time? It's four—including 2019's shift for the Virginia House and Senate (from R to D) and this year's New Hampshire [shift from D to R in both houses]. That means over the two-year cycle, the parties came to a draw….

Going into the election, of the nation's 7,383 legislators, 3,820 (52%) were Republicans; 3,436 (47%) were Democrats, 82 (including all 49 senators in Nebraska) were either independents or from another party, and 45 seats were vacant. Democrats have not held a majority of seats in the nation's legislatures since the 2010 election, when Republicans took the lead.

[O]f the 98 chambers that have partisan control, 61 are held by Republicans, and 37 by Democrats. [The Nebraska Unicameral is officially nonpartisan, but is in practice majority Republican.-EV] …

Factoring governors in, far more state governments are divided than legislatures. The GOP gained control of all three power positions in two states this year: New Hampshire and Montana, where the new Republican governor replaced the outgoing Democratic governor.  That gives the GOP 23 states, compared to the Democrats' control of 15 states. In 11 states, one power position is held by a different party than the other two. Eleven is the lowest split government control since 1952. In the 2000s, the number of splits was always 20 or higher.

In total, three-fourths of states have governors and legislatures of the same party, a sign that ticket-splitting may be waning nationwide….

When 2020 census data lands in state capitols next year it kicks off a year or more of redistricting. In most states, legislatures are the traditional seat of redistricting authority.

When legislatures redraw maps, the majority party controls the process, and in most states, the governor has veto power. Because redistricting is such a coveted responsibility, both parties cared more than ever about legislative outcomes this year. But—as said before—little changed and that means Republicans are in the catbird seat.

NEXT: Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Election Monitoring

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  1. Romney was right about the ACB confirmation: America is fundamentally a center-right country, and deserves a conservative Supreme Court. Hence his vote to confirm ACB.

    So much for liberals “winning” the culture wars.

    1. I disagree, and the evidence is Obamacare being popular in the Trumpiest states like West Virginia and Kentucky and Louisiana, and Florida voting 60% for a $15 minimum wage. So I think Democrats were on a course to win big in February but the lockdowns and protests probably cost Democrats quite a few seats. I think we are a slightly left of center country with Governor John Bel Edwards being the personification of where the country is on the political spectrum.

      1. Go read Big White Ghetto and see why. Welfare corrupts everyone.

        1. I don’t think it’s about welfare, I think it’s just common sense to want to provide all Americans with basic health care which is what Obamacare does. And my opinion is that any American that has a job should at a minimum be able to shop at Walmart. So a globalist like David Perdue spent his career creating jobs in China and then in the swan song of his career became the CEO of Dollar General in order to further develop their Chinese supply chains AND then exploit the carnage left behind by selling crap to the poor saps whose jobs he shipped to China. So I would like to see dollar stores go out of business because I want working Americans to make enough to have a comfortable and healthy life…and if that takes a $15/hr minimum wage I am fine with that although I am certainly open to other options.

          1. $15 minimum wage just means everything will increase in price, because workers who formerly made more than minimum wage will also demand wage increases, and prices will need to increase to compensate. Longterm, best case, it’ll be no net change in price:wage parity. Short term, people who were making more than minimum wage lose out big time, as the price of goods will be able to adjust faster than wages will.

            Of course, it probably won’t be the best case, because wages elsewhere didn’t change. So it’ll also lead to jobs leaving wherever established ridiculous minimum wages. I suppose if you like your out-sourcing to china, you can have more of it.

            Idiots who think massively jumping the minimum wage actually benefits workers don’t understand how economics works or even what money is.

            And it really isn’t common sense to massively subsidize health insurance, but then, it’s just more stupidity piled on the heap of stupidity that is federal intervention in healthcare markets. It’s hard to see what good alternatives look like when there’s that much stupid in the way.

            1. Maybe…but it is unacceptable right now for working Americans to have to shop at dollar stores. Just like in 2009 it was unacceptable for Americans to not have access to basic health care. If conservatives don’t like liberal solutions to obvious problems then don’t celebrate scum like David Perdue who sees poor saps penny pinching and sees a market to exploit by selling them Chinese made crap. That said an industry that has seen wages increase for people without a college degree is the energy industry so I oppose nuts like AOC and Bernie…but in general conservatives’ solutions generally tend to be like David Perdue and Loeffler would do…focus on shareholders and throw table scraps to the poor saps left behind.

              1. Oh piss off. The idea that minimum wage is meant for anything other than entry level jobs is degrading, condescending, patronizing. You need to learn some economics. Try Henry Hazlitt’s “Economics in One Lesson”.

              2. Chinese crap? Even fancy brands that you may prefer are made in China, they just slap a different label on it and charge 10x more. I bought a light for my bike recently that said it was designed in Oregon and “ethically” manufactured in China. Give me a freakin break!

                1. Trump ran on changing that…he failed but that doesn’t mean vile globalists like Perdue should be rewarded with a senate seat!?!

                2. It’s funny how many people assume any cheap Chinese goods mean all is cheap. They have modern design and manufacturing plants and can make whatever their customers want, which ought to be common sense, considering they build cars, high speed trains, aircraft carriers, airliners, skyscrapers … none of which could be made if it was all crap.

                  1. ^^^this guy is a Trump hater!

                  2. Sure, it’s not all crap. A lot of it is, but not all of it.

                    They only send crap when they think they can get away with it.

                  3. Chinese stuff is cheap crap. I have a company in which we create chemcial engineering solutions, then patent (if able) and outsource manufacturing. Anything I have ever made in china or any chinese component has always, without fail, disappointed our already low expectations.

                    The only reason an Iphone is made there is for the cheap labor and suicide net level of employee safety and welfare regulations. I’ll buy cheap shit from India a thousand times a week before I go to China.

                    1. ^^^this, but it doesn’t even matter if Chinese made products are crap because #MAGA is all about the fact China has boomed while America has lost good manufacturing jobs. So manufacturing jobs peaked in 1979 and then they plateaued until around 2000 when China was about to enter the WTO and then from 2001-2009 America hemorrhaged manufacturing jobs. #MAGA is about the stupidity of shipping good jobs to China and then the poor saps left behind spend their days tweaked out on meth and shopping at dollar stores instead of working in a steel mill.

              3. “but it is unacceptable right now for working Americans to have to shop at dollar stores.”

                But of course it’s perfectly acceptable for people who can’t find a job to be unable to shot at dollar stores.

                  1. Dollar stores should cater to unemployed people by choice—so like surf bums. The problem is working Americans that have been risking their health the last several months keeping everyone fed have to shop at dollar stores and that’s not acceptable. Keep in mind Trump bailed out a coal miners pension fund because he didn’t want the retired coal miners to starve AND they spend the bailout dollars in their depressed communities.

              4. What’s wrong with shopping at dollar stores if that’s where they want to shop?

                I go to dollar stores occasionally, for instance when I need a few more coffee cups at my cabin, and I’d rather pay a buck each for them rather than 4 or 5$ at the only other store within 10 miles.

                Competition is good for poor and working families.

                1. Dollar Stores are for icky people.

                  Sophisticated, educated people who are your betters should not need to shop at such places.

                  1. I shop at Walmart, dollar stores are for people who can’t afford to shop at Walmart. Walmart carries quality goods at low prices…dollar stores carry crap that give people diabetes and high blood pressure at low prices.

            2. One effect is it’s going to make a lot of people at the bottom of the totem pole unemployable. And it’s going to put a lot of small businesses out of business.

              It makes absolutely no sense to have the same minimum wage for Harrison Arkansas as they do for Las Vegas or Manhattan.

              1. Tell that to the 60% of Floridians that voted for it…and Trump comfortably won Florida.

                1. That is because too many people think like politicians – that laws are magic and only do what the law says it does with no adverse affects whatsoever.

          2. I’m a working American with a comfortable and healthy life and a quite high income and I shop at dollar stores because why pass up on a good deal?

            I don’t understand your antipathy to these stores.

            1. Do dollar/99 cent stores really offer good deals?

              Many, if not most items in those stores are overpriced on a per-unit basis. Sure, there are deals to be had on certain items. And of course, some people are too cash-strapped to drop a bunch of money on bulk goods at once.

              1. I had to learn this in grad school the hard way.
                Sometimes even if you have the cash it’s not optimal to buy 5 pounds of cheese to get the best unit price.

                1. Intelligent use of a freezer combined with a bulk-goods membership (Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s) can actually lead to significant savings in both groceries and fuel (from driving back and forth to the store).

                2. Nonsense. You buy cheap cheddar, and after a month you have expensive blue cheese. It’s win all around.

    2. If Romney honestly belied that we are a center-right country and that the Supreme Court should reflect that, he should have pushed for a center-right justice, and voted against Barrett

      1. Prog definition of ‘center right’ = Believes in only 50 genders instead of 67.

        1. You are behind the times. We are way past 100 genders.

    3. If that’s true then why are you guys whining all the time?

      1. They’re just so tired of winning all the time.

  2. The red areas are mostly desert and crops.

    1. And mouthbreathers.

      You forgot the mouthbreathers.

      1. Your bigotry is astounding, as typical. Without agriculture, the conurbation-dwellers will turn on each other after the rich leave.

        1. And then people like apedad will wonder out loud as to why rural people dislike urban politicians and journalists so much

          1. Believe me, I don’t wonder that at all.

  3. Ya. They won and thus they are entitled to take the spoils of their winnings. That is how politics works.

    1. I think folk would be a lot more comfortable with that is the “spoils” didn’t include further cementing future wins through Gerrymandering.

      There’s a reason why non-partisan redistricting options win at the ballot box, even as politicians oppose them.

      1. Agreed, redistricting should not depend on who won an election in a particular year.

        My own proposal, riffing of the work of Chen and Cotrell, is to use a computer to randomly generate thousands of compact, equal population district maps, with no voting pattern data involved.

        Each party would be allowed to eliminate some percentage of the maps, leaving behind perhaps 10-20% of them.

        Then a map would be randomly chosen from among the remaining 10-20%.

        That way Republicans could rule out Democratic gerrymanders, Democrats could rule out Republican gerrymanders, and neither would have the opportunity to do any gerrymandering of their own.

  4. The map is misleading. Each state has the same area (and represented as a hexagon, of all things.) In fact, some of the larger states (like CA and NY) are the blue ones. Controlling the legislature of one of those has more of an impact than controlling the legislature of a small state.

    Perhaps someone can draw the same map, with the area of each state proportional to its representation in Congress.

  5. Such a map (but without showing political control) can be seen here:

  6. While Republicans control the machinery of about 30-31 states it is high time to call for a Constitutional Convention. They should have done it back in 2016 when they controlled about 35 states. Or maybe wait until the 2022 midterms which will probably lean slightly more Republican. But, the time has come and no matter what happens the Dems will control enough states where the 3/4 majority is going to require getting at least a few blue states on board.

    Our federal system is broken. Everyone knows that. From left to right, the whole concept doesn’t work any longer. I think there are a few fixes, but we need to deploy one sooner rather then later. Not every election can be this zero sum game of ultra-destruction. And if we don’t do a Constitutional Convention, the schism is finally going to blow. This whole thing is a pressure cooker ready to go. And when it goes – I don’t care what your political leanings – it is going to be BAD.

    1. Lol. A Constitutional Convention would be a disaster. Finding consensus for any changes would be hard, and most likely the extremists right wings will take it over. But there is no way anything that came out would get 3/4 anyhow, so it would be a waste of time.

      1. I’m glad you know what is a waste of time. You are right why should we bother. I’m sure rando on the internet (I mean rando on Twitter can cancel an non-PC book so why not rando on internet) ought to absolutely know what is and is not a waste of time.

      2. Lol. A Constitutional Convention would be a disaster. Finding consensus for any changes would be hard

        I guess you’ve never heard of the famous quote from that one Founding Father about how a legislative body that passes laws too quickly is actually a bad thing?

        A deliberative body that cannot form enough of a consensus to quickly push through laws isn’t a bad thing, ya know? Simply having a national discussion, especially one with contrarian viewpoints that are emphasized, is helpful.

    2. The only people who don’t think it’s broken are the elected office holders in Washington. They ended up in power under it, so by definition it can’t be broken.

      They won’t permit a Convention because THEY wouldn’t be in control of it.

      1. While Congress can choose to call a Constitutional Convention, it has no power to stop the states from doing it themselves, as Dane –in a rare moment of sanity– suggested.

        Which is to say… elected officer holders in Washington are not in position to withhold permission to hold a convention.

        1. Like hell they don’t have the power to stop it. Article v says “The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments…”

          Congress calls the convention. Congress adds up the applications. All they have to do to stop it is refuse to count to 35. How hard is that?

          1. How hard is that?

            Only as hard as getting Republican legislatures to overturn the popular votes in their own states and award their electoral votes to Trump.

          2. Alternative response: I assume you know the difference between “shall” and “may” in the context of concealed carry permits, so it’s kind of funny that you’re suddenly pretending confusion in this context.

            1. I’m not pretending confusion, I’m suggesting they simply would refuse to do their duty. And who could do anything about it?

              When was the last time you heard of a court issuing a writ of mandamus against a legislative body? Try asking for that of the Supreme court against Congress, and they’ll just laugh at you.

              Of course the states are presently making it very easy for them, by failing to use identical language in calling for a convention.

              1. If you think that’s a reasonable reply, then you skipped my other response or you’re a delusional nut case.

                I no longer care which. Goodbye Brett. You have convinced me you’re crazy.

                1. LOL! You actually think they’d never violate the Constitution right out in the open? How’s that quorum clause compliance going? The origination clause?

                  And a constitutional convention is for all the marbles.

  7. Now imagine what the map would look like without near total leftist domination of the media, ‘education’, entertainment, corporate space, tech and virtually every other institution you can think of.

    One thing I will give progs and leftists in general throughout history credit for. They’ve realized to fight a culture war you have to take control of the culture, unlike their idiot opponents who insist time and again on adapting a purely reactive strategy hinging mostly on traditional political maneuvering.

    1. The only reactionaries in this country are the Democrats. 2016 offered them a historic opportunity to elect the first woman President. 2016 offered them a historic opportunity to flip the Supreme Court composition. But … that wasn’t good enough. Now, in 2020, the Democrats who didn’t show up in 2016 are finally coming back out the woodwork, in response to Trump. Definition of reactionary.

      1. Now, in 2016, the Republicans who didn’t show up in 2008 and 2012 are finally coming back out the woodwork, in response to Obama. Definition of reactionary.

        (See how that works.)

        1. You should review how percentages work.

          Republicans turned out consistently in 08, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20.

          Democrats prefer to shelter in place during midterm elections and refused to turn out for Hillary.

        2. That doesn’t make much sense. They came back in response to Obama after he was gone?

          They came back because the party hadn’t foisted a McCain or Romney on them.

          1. We live in a world where conservatives protested against Obama over Bush’s tax-rates and bail-outs (2009) and a third of Louisiana Republicans (in 2013) blamed Obama for Bush’s Katrina response.

            There’s a sizable chunk of Republicans that are consistently confused on how linear time works.

            1. And we live in a world where a significant chunk of Democrats fail to realize that the guy at the top of the ticket is not all they need: they also need the D’s downticket if they want any chance of universal basic income, making Black lives matter, and passing the Green New Deal.

              Unfortunately, it is plain that many Democrats think they live in an autocracy, in which only the President, and the purity of his or her beliefs, matters above all else. Yang 2020, as many of the left say, would have curbstomped Trump to the tune of 538-0 and 150 million votes to 1, because his political messaging is purer than Biden’s…

      2. Sure, in 2016 they had that opportunity. And nominated Hillary instead of trying to take advantage of it. Her two X chromosomes couldn’t compensate for just being a horrible person.

    2. What with every institution being so dominated by liberals, it’s almost as though whatever Amos thinks is nonliberal has moved outside of what the market will support.

  8. Three states away from Constitutional Convention.

    I hear little of the fact that Trump garnered more votes than did Obama (while spending less) or that (if the Harvard Harris poll is believable) more people (of each party) favor Adolf Hitler over Nancy Pelosi. My favorite indicator, though, remains dollars per vote: the side which spends the most money looses, with this presidential election being the outlier of the past four years. It’s a very telling statistic, in that the majority of those who hold an opinion aren’t easily swayed by mass-media advertising.

    I’d also note that the Harvard-Harris survey correctly predicted the outcome of various “statue” referenda in Virginia: except for Louden County, folks oppose statue-mangling (80/20) with no age, race, or gender gap. Given the accuracy of the survey in this regard, one should expect significant opposition to defunding the police and the implementation of a “green” agenda.

    1. I hear little of the fact that Trump garnered more votes than did Obama […]

      That’s your own fault, because I’ve read plenty regarding the record-breaking turn-out this time.

      Hell, I don’t know what sources you have been reading, ’cause I’m pretty sure even Trump’s tweets brought that up multiple times (while lying that it was impossible for Biden to get even more), so it’s not the conservative stuff.

      Maybe you just don’t read?

  9. Anyone who has passed 1L should be disqualified from any bench, legislative seat, or responsible policy position in the Executive. The lawyer profession is the most toxic and disruptive occupation in the nation, about 10 times more toxic and destructive as organized crime.

    1. Possibly naive, but I am not very concerned about gerrymandering long term. That is because I think the proportion of the electorate who care enough (and who are literate/numerate enough and sufficiently open to reason and evidence to grasp the fundamentally undemocratic nature of gerrymandering) is growing – slowly, but inexorably.

      1. My comment above was intended as standalone, not as a reply to David’s latest ode to lawyers.

  10. LOL. Good one arch1

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