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Classes #21: Due Process Clause III and Zoning IV

West Coast Hotel, Carolene Products, Lee Optical, Village of Belle Terra, Mt. Laurel


Class 21: Due Process Clause III: "Economic" Liberty Through and After the New Deal

  • West Coast Hotel v. Parrish (967-974)
  • United States v. Carolene Products (974-980)
  • A Footnote to Footnote Four (981-984)
  • Williamson v. Lee Optical of Oklahoma (993-996)

(Part I)


(Part II)

Class 20: Zoning IV

  • Protection of religious uses: 960-962
  • Controls on Household Composition: Village of Belle Terre v. Boraas, 962-968
  • Notes: 968-972
  • Exclusionary Zoning: Southern Burlington County NAACP v. Township of Mt. Laurel, 972-986
  • Notes: 986-994