Cancelling Dianne Feinstein

Embraced by Lindsey Graham, but not by San Francisco Public Schools


In 2006, the San Francisco Public School system named an elementary school after Senator Dianne Feinstein. Now, the government seeks to remove her name from the school. Her offense? When Feinstein was mayor in 1986, she "reportedly replaced a vandalized Confederate flag, one of several historic flags flying in front of City Hall at the time." Unbelievable. Even DiFi is not woke enough for San Francisco. No one is safe. And of course, the City will also cancel George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and everyone else.

Poor Senator Feinstein. Lindsey Graham must have given her the hug of death.

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  1. It is clear the left is insane. They must be resisted at every step.

    1. Yes. The people who didn’t elect the guy who can’t definitively say he isn’t working against a Satanic cabal in government that is drinking children’s blood are the insane ones.

    2. Now you see why we need a cleansing.

      1. Oh good, I thought you were in jail awaiting a federal hate crimes trial. Glad to see you’re not and are out here spreading your psychotic and murderous fantasies again.

    3. Hopefully the sane Democrats are watching this and will realize that Trump will be fairer to them than these crazy radicals.

      1. Hmmm… I wonder who will be fairer to me, the insufferable politically correct idiots or the Trumpists like your friend Aktenberg who literally want to execute me for my beliefs. That’s a head scratcher.

        1. On the one hand, we have national politicians and extremists who are widely backed and promoted by rich and powerful people. On the other hand, we have a lone crank bothering someone else’s blog. Which one represents more of a real threat? That’s a head scratcher.

          1. national politicians and extremists

            What does this even mean?

            We’ve had like 3 violent plots from the right broken up by the FBI recently: (Michigan, Colorado, Wichita).

            1. Antifa, is not a right-wing organization. They are however, violent Leftists supported by the Democratic Party. But, you knew that.

              1. Show me where, outside your imagination, the Democratic Party supported Antifa.

            2. The Michigan group is purported to be right-wing, but they were also supposed to be white supremacists and are not. Perhaps waiting for more information is better than trotting out claims about ‘violent plots.’

            3. You missed this one from Seattle.

              1. My set was all groups planning to attack the government. Not your random crime.

                The couple had filed a police report for harassment. “ACAB” and “Black Lives Matter” were also painted in front of the home.

                It’s not like anyone has ever faked that stuff recently.

                1. “My set was all groups planning to attack the government.”

                  1)Is the Wichita incident the recent one where the retired fireman threatened the mayor? He’s kind of a group of one.

                  2)Googling for ‘Colorado Plot’ etc, I found one where a lone guy recently pleaded guilty to plotting a 2019 Synagogue bombing or arson. Are you thinking of another one?

                  3)Michigan, yup, a group, and after the governor.

                  4)I’m not sure I see politically motivated violence as a lesser crime because it is aimed at grandparents instead of government employees. Agree to disagree, I guess. And, in general, I’m also not sure plots that include multiple informants and never reach fruition are worse than attacks that are actually carried out.

                  “It’s not like anyone has ever faked that stuff recently.”

                  I want to make sure I understand your accusation. IIUC, the graffiti/harassment report preceded the shooting. In fact, after that they downsized their flag in the hope of deescalating. Your view is that they did the graffiti themselves and when that didn’t get enough attention they then shot up their house? Or that random right wingers did the painting, waited a few days, then did the driveby?

                  1. 1) Yeah – A retired firefighter who was upset with Wichita’s mask ordinance has been arrested on suspicion of threatening to kidnap and kill the mayor of Kansas’ largest city, authorities said.

                    2) Richard Holzer, 28, shared with undercover F.B.I. agents that he wanted to get a synagogue “off the map.”

                    4) Targeting individuals is not the same as targeting the government, even if both are bad. Just as individual betrayal bad, but not the same as treason.

                    5) All of my examples included arrests of suspects who were on the right, and motivated by right-wing crap. Your example has no suspects and includes a clue so on the nose, it reminds me of This alongside other such local phenomena.
                    Maybe it’ll turn out to have been left-wing yahoos. But until there’s a suspect, such anecdotes do not establish that (just as is the case with supposed hate crimes on campuses)

          2. If it was a lone crank you’d be right.

            The problem is that there are lots of these kinds of cranks running around, cheered on by Trump.

          3. The autocrat-wannabe president you support is at this very moment calling for the jailing of his political opponents. But sure, keep telling us the real danger to the country is from idiots who want to change the name of a middle school. Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

        2. What if you tried being a better person? Then you might have less trouble.

          1. You’re so right, Ben. I obviously deserve to die for my beliefs.

            One thing I credit Trump for is encouraging his worshipers to reveal their inner fascist. Not that their fig leaves were ever credible, but dropping the pretense makes interactions about 5% less annoying.

            1. So no, you’ve decided to continue being an absolutely terrible person. It doesn’t seem to be helping you out or making you or anyone else happy.

              1. Before this thread all I knew about you was that we disagree on politics. If you knew more than that about me, you haven’t said so. You’ve made no attempt to explain what you find objectionable about me. Nor have you said what’s wrong with my calling out people who want me dead. All you’ve done is gratuitously declare me a terrible person, without finding so much as a word of criticism for your friend who openly prays for my death.

                Yeah, my conscience is clear. Yours shouldn’t be.

  2. For quite some time she has been more in love with being a clubby Senator than advocating for the people of her state.

    1. oh nonsense. Her comportment has been pretty constant her entire career.

  3. I support cancel culture. All Marxists are to be purged from all institutions. All institutions failing to be purged of Marxist must be closed.

    1. If I had a bazillion dollars, I’d found the Marx University and name its colleges after the Marx Bros.

  4. Lefty twitter really doesn’t like moderate Dem: Infinite Blackman Posts at 11.

    1. Left Twitter has officially proposed that SF change the name of a high school named after her. Not to mention high schools named after Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.

      1. What is this “Left Twitter” organization that is making these official pronouncements?

  5. There are plenty of good reasons DiFi deserves to be cancelled. This isn’t one of them, but since it’s been so hard to send her home any other way, let’s proceed with the operation.

  6. If Prof. Blackman doesn’t get prescriptions for amlodipine and atorvastatin soon, I fear his head will explode during early November.

    1. Your medical knowledge is nil, yet you carry on with ideology based pronouncement

      1. Are amlodipine (blood pressure moderation) and atorvastatin (stroke avoidance) not indicated here? If you have better proposals, please identify them. Prof. Blackman is a pathetic, downscale right-wing hack, but I hope he avoids stress-related health problems.

  7. So you’re saying that someone calling for a high profile public elected official to step down from their position because he thought she poorly handled an incredibly high profile and important hearing that will have huge consequences for the country over the next century is cancel culture? That’s where we’re at? Cancel culture is saying politicians you think are bad shouldn’t be in their positions anymore?

    Well if that’s the case, I hope Josh declines to vote because that would be cancel culture, and I wouldn’t want him to be a massive hypocrite or anything.

      1. It doesn’t matter if she did or didn’t. Whatever the merits of the criticism, it’s not “cancel culture” for someone to say that an elected official shouldn’t have a position anymore because they are not advancing what they consider important goals in the way they want them advanced. That’s just normal politics in a society with democratically elected leaders.

    1. So you’re saying that [rant about the confirmation hearing] is cancel culture?

      Well, no.

      The subtitle of the post says: “Embraced by Lindsey Graham, but not by San Francisco Public Schools”

      And the body of the post says: “Her offense? When Feinstein was mayor in 1986, she ‘reportedly replaced a vandalized Confederate flag, one of several historic flags flying in front of City Hall at the time.'”

      Did you read any of that?

      1. Yeah, but did you see him including the MJS tweet right there? I mean you can’t miss it. Why would that be there if Josh isn’t insinuating it’s part of the same phenomenon?

        1. The cool thing about “insinuations” is that you can use them to claim anyone you want is saying anything you want, regardless of whether they actually said it. See, e.g., “dog whistle.”

          1. So why was it there in this particular article with this particular headline? What did it have to do with the subject of the post? Are you saying Josh routinely puts things he thinks have no connection to his main point in his posts?

            And if you choose to answer those questions, keep in mind that I actually don’t have to pretend that people acting in bad faith are actually acting in good faith.

            1. Dunno, dude — seems like you’re headed down the road to JDS.

              1. Yeah, and you’re totally owning him by pretending the post is about what it’s about.

                1. ISN’T about…

      2. Brain death is alive and celebrated in San Francisco

  8. Feinstein is insufficiently doctrinaire, and will be sent to the figurative wall by those believing themselves Pure Progressives. Next the Pure Progressives will be found insufficiently doctrinaire by the Even Purer Progressives, and it’s off to the wall with them. Eventually, there will only be the one Purest Progressive left, and they will have doubts about their purity, and self-cancel.

  9. Yeah, she’s been canceled? No longer a Senator, is she? Sick burn. Cool story.

  10. When I saw the title, I never would have guessed the author was Josh Blackman… said nobody ever.

  11. This is sad. I am no Feinstein fan, but that moment of bipartisan collegiality and respect is something we need MORE of, not less. The alternative is total war. It is seeing a political opponent as something less than human. It encourages the bitter fighting that is destroying civil society. I miss the days when the left slammed GWB for saying that if you are not with us, you are against us.

    Now the left has adopted that philosophy wholesale.

  12. Feinstein ‘reportedly replaced a vandalized Confederate flag, one of several historic flags flying in front of City Hall at the time.’

    I wondered why a Confederate Flag was ever flying in San Francisco. California was never part of the Confederacy.

    It seems that in 1964 a display of “historical flags” went up in San Francisco Civic Center including the Confederate battle flag. The flag was according to one source was donated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Mayor at the time was John Shelley, a Democrat. After protests it was replaced by the official Confederate “Stars and Bars,” which stayed up for a number of years. The battle flag was apparently reinstalled in 1981 when Feinstein was Mayor. It was taken down and put back a number of times for various reasons until 1984. Oddly one picture I found appears to show a flag similar to the familiar battle flag but with only one diagonal stripe with stars in it. The flag was not merely vandalized but removed by a black protester twice, once dressed as a Union soldier.

    It was common in former Confederate states to fly a range of flags showing all of the nations which that state had been a part of including the Confederacy. The Six Flags Amusement Parks were named after the Six Flags that flew over Texas – Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States and the Confederate States of America.

  13. Can we start calling it a cult now?

    1. I thought you wanted us to call it a “campaign” to “Make America Great Again,” but whatever. Tomayto, tomahto.

  14. Why the spike in advanced prostate cancers? Dr. Anthony D’Amico, a professor of radiation oncology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, said the increase was an inevitable consequence of a 2012 recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force against the routine use of prostate cancer screening with the prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, test.

    To sum up, “scientists” gathered the facts, analized the facts and determined delayed cancer screening means more cancer deaths.
    Then, another scientists explains just what is going on. Scientists validating scientists…”settled science”?

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