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Free to Move

Video of My University of Virginia Talk About my Book "Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom"

The event was sponsored by the Miller Center for Public Affairs.


The Miller Center for Public Affairs at the University of Virginia has  posted the video of the virtual talk I gave there on September 29, based on my book Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom. Thanks to UVA Prof. David Leblang for his excellent moderation of the event, and insightful questions, and to others at UVA, who helped arrange this talk.

The Introduction to the book (which provides an overview of the rest) is available for free download here. In this post, I explained what led me to write the book, and what contribution I hope it will make to debates over democracy, immigration, federalism, and "voting with your feet." I have pledged to donate 50% of all royalties generated by Free to Move to causes benefiting refugees.

UPDATE: Here is a list of my upcoming speaking engagements (all virtual) for the rest of this academic semester. Many of them are also about Free to Move.