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One advantage of Zoom University: Classes can continue during inclement weather

And students can easily watch recorded classes even if they are affected by the weather.


As I type, Hurricane Laura is headed towards the Louisiana/Texas border. It is still not exactly clear where Laura will land, and how strong it will be. (I encourage everyone to check out for objective, non-hyped weather forecasts). My College has announced that the building will close on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m., and will remain closed on Thursday. (Friday is TBD). But, classes will continue virtually for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. One key advantage of Zoom University is that the entire campus can seamlessly transition to online classes during inclement weather.

In 2018, classes were cancelled for nearly two weeks because of Hurricane Harvey. Rescheduling classes became nearly impossible. All nights and weekends some became clogged with makeup class requests. Now, we are fully equipped to go online, immediately.

Unfortunately, many of our students will be affected by Hurricane Laura, and will be unable to watch the classes live. Some of our students are under mandatory evacuation orders. Thankfully, Zoom University will allow these students to watch the makeup classes when it is safe to do so.

I hope everyone in our region stays safe and dry.