ConLaw and Property Classes #1: "The Judicial Power" and "Adverse Possession: The Theory and Elements"


This semester, I will be posting my YouTube class lectures. You are welcome to follow along at home. Or you can watch the livestream on my channel. Property II meets from 9:00 CT-10:15 CT and Constitutional law meets from 10:30 CT-12:10 CT. For Property, we use the 9th edition of Dukeminer & Krier. And for ConLaw, we use my textbook with Randy, as well as our 100 cases supplement.

Today we covered the judicial power in ConLaw, and adverse possession in Property II. At the end of class, I ask students to submit a brief summary of what they learned. The iClicker app limits short answers to 140 characters (the old length of a tweet). My favorite from today:

"You really enjoy Hamilton. Marshall is over rated. Courts lack jurisdiction to issue a writ of mandamus in its original jurisdiction."

This student was paying attention.