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Justice Sotomayor writes majority opinion in Liu, and my predictions for Blue June are still on track

Four cases are pending from the pre-Covid arguments, 10 cases are pending from the May siting


Today the Supreme Court decided a single case: Liu v. SEC. Last week I predicted by Justice Sotomayor would write the majority opinion. My prediction was accurate. I am now more confident in my other predictions. There are now four cases pending from the January and February sittings. Here are my predictions for the majority opinions.

  • Espinoza: Chief Justice Roberts or Justice Breyer.
  • Seila Law: Justice Breyer
  • Thuraissigiam: Justice Alito
  • June Medical: Chief Justice Roberts

I suspect these four cases will be decided by next week, and the remaining ten cases from May will spill into July. But who knows? It is going to be a long Blue June, and perhaps a Blue July.