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Video Based on My New Book "Free to Move: Foot Voting and Political Freedom"

The video was produced by the Institute for Humane Studies, and goes over some key themes of the book.


The Institute for Humane Studies has posted a video based on my new book Free to Move: Foot Voting, Migration, and Political Freedom. The video was excerpted from an interview I did for IHS about the book.


I am grateful to IHS for producing the video, and for all their great work over the years helping students and academics interested in  classical liberalism. I owe IHS a particularly great debt because I met my future wife at an IHS event back in 2008!

I have also done three other recent interviews about Free to Move, with publicly available audio or video:

1. Video of my interview with political commentator Amy Peikoff is available here.

2. Audio of my interview with immigration lawyer Nathan Brown here.

3. Audio of a radio interview I did about the book with libertarian talk radio host Bob Zadek is available here.

Between them, the four interviews cover a wide range of issues, and possible objections to the thesis of the book. I will post more material about the book and its themes next week.

In the meantime, Free to Move is now finally available in both hard copy and Kindle/e-book versions on Amazon, after a delay caused by the Coronavirus crisis and the accompanying shutdown of the Oxford University Press warehouse. I have pledged to donate 50%of all royalties to charities benefiting refugees.