Sour Milk Coffee Cake

Looks so delicious ....


Sour Milk Coffee Cake Pin

Recipe from Kristina Johnson (Former Chef), who indeed is a former chef and a superb cook.(We've been friends for 30 years, and I have eaten her cooking often, always with great delight.)

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  1. Will substitute milk kefir, add some srsame seeds for the hell of it. Thanks much.

  2. That cake looks unconstitutional.

  3. Somewhat related, last year (2019) was the first time I tried Kajmak. It was part of the Balkan-inspired birthday meal described below, which began with a few flights of Rakia (Pear · Apricot · Quince · Plum · Honey · Raspberry).

    Šumadija (plain, new); Zlatibor (plain, aged); Spicy Crab With Red Pepper, Cilantro, And Pickled Jalapeno; Porcini Mushroom [Prepared Gluten-Free and Nut-Free]; Smoked Salmon With Capers And Dill [Prepared Gluten-Free].

    Beets With Yogurt And Garlic; Chickpea Hummus With Paprika And Olive Oil; Smoked Trout With Jalapeno, Cilantro, and Mayo; Garlic Beans With Onion And Dried Roasted Pepper; Eggplant With Red Pepper And Garlic [Prepared Gluten-Free].

    Cauliflower With Spicy Sesame Sauce; Braised Cabbage With Dried Pepper And Yogurt; Baked Beans With Onions And Smoked Peppers; Brussels Sprouts With Bacon and Lemon & Garlic Yogurt; Asparagus In Velouté Sauce With Pumpkin and Quail Egg [Prepared Gluten-Free and Free of Red Meat].

    Karadjordjeva; Balkan Kebab; Pork Tenderloin; Pork Flatbread Pizza; Beef & Pork Sausage; Smoked Pork Sausage; Baked Beef & Pork Pie; Almond-Crusted Chicken; Chicken Skewers [Naturally Gluten-Free]; Shrimp Skewers; Sesame-Crusted Salmon; Rainbow Trout [Prepared Gluten-Free]; Tuna Tartare [Prepared Gluten-Free and Nut-Free].

  4. I wonder why she prefers using oil instead of butter? Using butter would make it way more gooder.

  5. The venn diagram of people who keep spoiled milk on hand and do recreational baking probably looks like John Lennon’s glasses

    1. “Soured” milk isn’t quite “spoiled” milk; It’s not spoiled until you have floating patches of mold to deal with. It’s basically just natural buttermilk.

  6. For what else might one use sour milk than baking?

    On Friday evening, after the kitchen is cleaned, I lay out the ingredients for pancakes to warm up to room temperature, including the 125 ml sour milk. I just 0500 went down and blended separately the wet and dry ingredients. 45 minutes before Milady Wife is ready for breakfast then I will barely mix the batter and let it rise for a half-hour. I get seven light and fluffy cakes from a recipe nominally for 12.

    Buttermilk works as well. Or fresh milk soured with 15 ml lemon juice.

  7. Ahh, we are using up what may be the last ever locally produced Maple Syrup. The old men are too old to the cut the huge piles of wood and sit up days on end evaporating 40 gallons of sap for a gallon of syrup, let alone toting the buckets from the woods.

    The boys aren’t interested in such hard work. We had a newly resident woman sell her sappy-syrup one year recently. It was a poor effort.

    If the craft recovers, US$20 per pint is not out of the question.

    1. I made maple syrup once, on a lark. It was quite good, but the time spent boiling it down on my stove top was absurd.

      Now I’m living down south, instead of up in Michigan, and though I wouldn’t mind making another batch, there’s no spring rush of sap here to base it off of.

      1. I disagree there’s no sap in South Carolina. Have you seen who they elect to Congress? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

        1. But it’s more of a year-round thing down here. And I’d have cited the governor, who we tend to refer to as “Foghorn Leghorn”. First case I ever saw of a politician parodying a cartoon character.

          1. Grits Hollings.

            Called the cartoon “Beavis and Bufflehead,” for being too gentlemanly to speak the obscene.

            Also he made a cartoon of himself, “Dey’s be too much consoomin’ goin’ on down theah!”

            About sap; do not reduce sap indoors! Wallpaper becomes sticky flypaper but nontoxic ineffective. Just messy.

  8. This was not a success for me. The cake itself was quite dry. Next time I’ll add at least 25% more oil.

    And the topping was dry and powdery out of the oven. Nothing close to the delicious crumbly topping we all associate with coffee cakes, buckles, cobblers, etc. I’ll try adding significantly more liquid to it next time. (Or, alternately, instead of dropping it on the batter surface, I could try pressing it lightly into the batter, so that–like an iceberg–only 1/10 was above the surface.)

    The recipe’s writer humorously said that she was mislead by her mom the first few times she tried to make it. I think the same thing is happening to us. 🙂

  9. Dang! And I just threw out my buttermilk that expired in January.

    January 2019, that is.

    Cultured dairy has an amazingly long refrigerator life

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