"Police: Woman Filed False Report on Drug-Spiked Drink at UNH Frat"


An interesting story in the Manchester Union-Leader (Kimberley Haas), especially for people who have been following other kinds of forgeries (as I have):

LeClerc is accused of presenting police with a drug test which showed she had benzodiazepines (Xanax) in her system after a social at Kappa Sigma the last week of February. Later, she recanted her story, police said, admitting that she had forged the document.

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  1. 1. Shame on her.
    2. It boggles my mind that anyone older than 10 could possibly think he or she could get away with this. You know how to fake a drug test document? But you do not understand that police will then begin an investigation? That the one piece of physical evidence that the police have in hand will be checked out???
    3. I attended UNH. One hopes this person is not representative of the intelligence/mental stability of the average student there.

    This poor woman needs significant help. Criminal stupidity should lead to consequences that will (a) minimize future criminal behavior, and (b) minimize future stupidity.

    1. Plus, how hard is it to pop some Xanax and get a real document? I assume that that’s what most people who would do something like this would do.

    2. santamonica811: I shared your second reaction (and your second as well). Of all the ways to lie to the police, this seems among the more foolish.

      1. The sad thing is that a lot of these women are batshit crazy — often for reasons you can be sympathetic to such as childhood sexual abuse or miscarriage. But the politics are such that they get drawn into being warriors for a cause and this all gets buried.

        Personally, I’m surprised this came out, and my guess is that the drug test was done at an independent hospital (possibly the one in Exeter) that is too busy right now for foolishness and told the Durham (not UNH) Police that.

  2. The University is still investigating. I hope they’re investigating the person who filed the false complaint.

    1. Absolutely not, they are investigating the Fraternity. Who cares if it’s true.

  3. I want to see if the court proceedings confirm the police allegations. Not that I have any reason to say if the allegations are true or false, but I don’t want to be led by the nose by cop press releases.

    1. After what happened at Dartmouth, if the Durham PD were lying about what the hospital records said, I’d be very surprised if someone didn’t tell the state AG about it.

  4. A lot of hoaxes involving frat boys. People really want to seem victimized by them

    1. A. A lot of kids away from home for the first time, living it large, and the role models close at hand are others in the same boat.

      B. Do something stupid, wish you could take it back, but all your “friends” (see role models above) egg you on because it’s funny to them and they have nothing at stake.

      C. And the longer you put off your day of reckoning, the harder the fall.

      1. All true, but I think _The Lord of the Flies_ is a better explanation.
        Unlike 30 years ago, there really is no adult guidance — plenty of adults to manipulate victims toward their causes — but no neutral “behave yourselves” older adults.

        Personally, I think the most stupid things the fraternities ever did was get rid of the housemothers. They kept a check on things, and protocol was that each boy had to introduce his date to the housemother, which prevented a lot of date rape.

    2. Fraternities are in the unfortunate position of being comprised of mostly white men.

      Racists and sexists find this sufficient reason to portray them as evil.

      1. Plus a lot of them seem to have people in them who like to say and do either racist or sexist things. Plus they tend to present as elitist assholes in person.
        The frat guys were the good guys in “Animal House” back in the 70’s.
        The college I went to had 27 frats but only 11 sororities.

  5. Makes me wonder why the “why would women lie!?!” crowd are so silent about the Joe Biden accuser….

    1. Really? I think that there are very few people that wonder why they are so silent.

    2. Wanna bet that Trump invites her as his guest to the first debate?

      1. Would she be seated among all the women who have accused Trump of sexual assault? Or would they get their own whole section since they’re so numerous?

      2. “Wanna bet that Trump invites her as his guest to the first debate?”

        Depends on her cup size. If it’s sub-
        C, he won’t want to be seen anywhere near her.

    3. Well we all know the REAL answer to the question. Liberals get “immunity” from this kind of stuff. Just look at old Slick Willy or even back to JFK.

      1. Wait. Your example of ‘immunity’ is a president who actually got impeached?!? Was your post intended to be a parody or sincere observation? Cuz by your standard; Trump got immunity as well for his 20+ sexual assaults (plus colluding with Russia, The Ukraine, et al).

        “Being impeached = immunity” is, literally, the weirdest thing I’ve seen written so far in 2020.

        1. The difference is Trump didn’t do any of that stuff…

          1. He said he did (on an open mike.)

            1. Stop LYING, please.

              He said nothing about assaulting women. The key points of that statement were “They let you grab them by the”. He admitted to cheating on his wife with women who were willing to do that with him. That makes him a lecher.

              There are legitimate stories of him walking into dressing rooms from his days in Ms. America. However, given that the media has been silent on that for years now, I can say with fair amount of confidence that there was nothing solid behind that. No actual complaints of sexual assault or harassment. One good thing about Trump is that he can’t get away with anything quietly.

          2. … and the only reason he didn’t collude with Russia is because the Russians didn’t want anything to do with him. He was all set, and when questioned on it he said he’d do it again.

        2. ““Being impeached = immunity” is, literally, the weirdest thing I’ve seen written so far in 2020.”

          Weird, because I’ve seen tons of people complain that Trump just got away with everything and wasn’t held accountable for anything, even though he was impeached.

      2. Yeah, ol’ Slick Willy got “immunity”, in the form of 4 years of rectal probing from a special prosecutor.

  6. Christine Blasey Ford was not the only woman fantasizing about being molested. The Democratic Party Media, will cover for any misdeeds as long as you have the (d), she’s an up and comer in Liberal Land. Speaking truth to power… #MeToo, #BelieveAllWomen, #Epsteindidn’tcommitsuicide. Well, not the last one but, what’s her hashtag? Can’t take a liberal seriously without a hashtag.

    1. You seem to be under the impression that the media that favor Republicans aren’t trying to cover up their guys’ misdeeds, except that oops! they keep having to pay to cover up their own.

  7. What Dante forgot. Even though perpetrators of fraud occupy the innermost circles of hell (if I recall correctly), “victims” like the one described here deserve special attention of the toasty warm kind.

    1. The innermost circles of Hell, per Dante, are not toasty and warm but rather frozen and bleak.

      1. That’s only the 9th, the circle of traitors. The 7th, the circle of violence, has what we would call the most traditional circle, with burning sand, biting wind, and a river of lava.

        The 8th circle, the circle of fraud, contains a host of creative tortures for every possible type of fraud.

        This would probably fit best in circle 8.8, false testimony. That’s when you are set on fire eternally.

        It pays to study the classics.

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