Four Law Professors Walk Into a Zoom Bar: Law and the Epidemic

Michael, Will, Orin, and I, on constitutional law, contract law, insurance law, and more.


We drink and we talk, with an audience of about 60-70 of our readers (who occasionally show up on the screen as well, when the Zoom session was in Gallery View). As promised, our recording of last week's Zoom conversation.

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  1. I’m going to admit that my very first thought, seeing Prof Volokh’s face, was of campfire scare stories with the flashlight held below the chin. It’s partly from the lighting, and partly from the camera being slightly below face level and pointing up at where the ceiling meets the wall. I was not sure who it was until I heard the audio, then I recognized him from the free speech videos.

    1. Yeah, I’ve got a lot to learn about video — but I’m working on it …. Thanks for the advice!

      1. Eh, not intended as advice! I only had time to watch a few minutes, and I appreciated the different setups. Idiosyncrasies make life more interesting 🙂

        Now for advice … you all looked to be having fun, and that was the way to do it. It was like watching four old friends without being a peeping Tom. Keep that up for sure!

  2. We really enjoyed being at this “Zoom Bar” with you and the other Professors! It’s as close as I’m gonna get to being at bar for a while!

  3. Four Law Professors Walk Into a Zoom Bar and say “Ouch!”

  4. I am trying to work this into a screenplay I’m writing. Someone’s in the witness protection programme, she joins in a Zoom discussion, only to find her face displayed on the screen, after it’s put online. Will anyone notice this video (I’m thinking a cooking class, of some obscure cuisine)? Will she be safe?

    Hilarity–and drama–ensues.

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