Zoom Conversation Tonight, 8 pm Pacific, with Michael, Will, Orin, and Me—Come Watch and Ask Questions

See the URL below, as promised in my mark-your-calendars post Sunday.

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My cobloggers Michael Abramowicz, Will Baude, Orin Kerr, and I will enjoy a couple of drinks and talk about what's been going on—perhaps about constitutional law in time of epidemics, force majeure clauses in contracts, distance learning and teaching and how much of it might continue after all this is over, or, basically, whatever else we feel like talking about on a Tuesday night. We'd love it if you join the Zoom session at 8 pm Pacific (9 pm Mountain, 10 pm Central, 11 pm Eastern), at https://ucla.zoom.us/s/9706282095, and ask questions via chat. (If it's too late for you where you live, we expect that we'll record the session and post the video online.)

We have no idea how well this will work technically, though so far Zoom has been good to us. But "it is an experiment, as all life is an experiment," and if we screw up this time, we'll try to do better the next.

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  1. Eugene,
    You may want to put the time in the body of the post in addition to being in the header.

    1. Done.

  2. I’m too tired to stay up, but the question I would suggest would be a balancing between the power of the state versus the power of the individual — who’s responsible for looking out for the wellbeing of ones self and ones family?

    Throw in the vigilante aspect of this, and I don’t want to know if the “Gun Toting Vigilantes” on Vinalhaven Island were relatives of mine because they quite likely were….

    People on Massachusetts Cape Cod are demanding that the two bridges across the canal be closed — except to trucks bringing food & supplies, as well as contractors coming out to do building work. I see this as being half pregnant — you either isolate the community or you don’t….

  3. What are you all drinking?

    1. Nothing on Michael’s part (boo!), Orin had a dark beer, Will had a cocktail (a Negroni with bourbon instead of gin, I think), and I had some tasty dark rum. Delighted that the three of you could join us!

      1. Thank you – we all had a lot of fun!

      2. a Negroni with bourbon instead of gin

        It’s called a Boulevardier.

  4. Aw, shoot, I missed it! Forgot….

  5. ’twas a pleasure!

  6. I gather Heterodox Academy did not participate in assembling the ideological lineup.

    Or, perhaps, more tellingly, it did.

    1. Well you’ve narrowed down the possibilities to: yes or no

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