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Supreme Court

DC Book Event


I'm pleased to note that on Friday, February 21, at 9:00am, the American Enterprise Institute will be hosting a book forum on my recent book, Repugnant Laws: Judicial Review of Acts of Congress from the Founding to the Present. Adam White will be providing commentary.

The book provides a political history of how the U.S. Supreme Court has limited—and facilitated—congressional power across its history. Along with the book, I've released a new comprehensive of dataset of cases in which the Court has substantively evaluated the constitutionality of an application of an act of Congress.

The event is open to the public, and registration for those in the DC area can be found here.  If you prefer to watch the video from the comfort of your secure bunker in an undisclosed location, you can do so live or on video a few hours later.

Update (2/22): The video of the event is now up. If you couldn't make it in person but wanted to ask me a question, I will also be discussing the book on a live call-in radio program, The Bob Zadek Show, Sunday morning at 11am ET.