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Podcast on Federalism and Sanctuary Cities

Prof. Brian Frye of the University of Kentucky Law School interviewed me on this subject, as part of his series of "Ipse Dixit" podcasts.


Earlier this week, Prof. Brian Frye of the University of Kentucky College of Law interviewed me about the issue of federalism and sanctuary cities, going over the last two years of sanctuary litigation and its significance for constitutional federalism. The podcast, which is part of his "Ipse Dixit" series of interviews, is available here.

The interview addresses issues covered in more detail in my recent Texas Law Review article on Trump-era sanctuary jurisdiction litigation. We also touched on the question of whether the fight over sanctuary cities is evidence of a change in liberal attitudes towards federalism, a subject I considered in a Washington Post Outlook article in July, as well as in the last part of the Texas Law Review piece. Recently, the Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to review part of the lower court ruling against its position in the California "sanctuary state" case. I wrote about that development here, and it is also discussed in the podcast.