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Jussie Smollett's Largely Overlooked Tweet on Fraud Two Days Before the "Attack."

On Jan. 27, two days before the alleged attack, Smollett posted that "Frauds are everywhere."


On Jan. 27, two days before the alleged attack on Jussie Smollett early on Jan. 29, Smollett posted a tweet on fraud, beginning with the warning: "Frauds are everywhere y'all." I guess he should know (if current police leaks are true).

Frauds are everywhere y'all. Protect the mind, heart and spirit of you and your people at all costs. Just remember… Salt, cocaine and anthrax can all appear to be sugar…(the "refined" kind of course) just be careful out here fam. Happy Sunday. Love you. Real talk. Love on. Jussie Smollett (@JussieSmollett)

By the way, many online comments falsely claim or imply that the supposed attack happened on one of the coldest nights in Chicago history. At 2am on Jan. 29, the official Chicago temperature (at O'Hare Airport) was +8 or +9 degrees (data no longer readily available online without registration).