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California State Bar Gender / Sexual Orientation Options

I'm just registering for my online bar account, and here's what I'm given for a survey they're running about, among other things, professional satisfaction.


What is your gender?

Choose all that apply

[ ] Female

[ ] Male

[ ] Transgender

[ ] Gender Variant/Non-conforming/Non-binary

[ ] Two-Spirit

[ ] Not listed (please specify): _____

What is your sexual orientation?

Choose all that apply

[ ] Lesbian or Gay

[ ] Bisexual

[ ] Heterosexual

[ ] Pansexual

[ ] Asexual

[ ] Not listed (please specify): _____

The "I identify as a person with a disability" question unfortunately only offers "Yes" and "No," rather than the regrettably more accurate "Not Yet."

UPDATE: I was initially unsure whether this was just going to be used for a survey or whether it would be kept more broadly in the files associated with my bar record, and I noted that in the subheading of the post. But I did a bit more research, and it appears that under Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 6009.5, "Any demographic data collected shall be used only for general purposes and shall not be identified to any individual licensee or his or her State Bar record"; I assume that this means it can't be so identified even within the State Bar records, and not just to the public.