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Law Swag


I opened a box that arrived at my office, and saw a very nice Harvard Law Review coffee mug, personalized with my name and including the volume number in which Will's and my Compelled Subsidies and the First Amendment came out. I'd gotten thank-you mugs before, though from conferences rather than just from publishing in a law review, but the personalization seemed like a nice touch.

It also reminded me of the special Indiana Supreme Court coaster that I got when I argued before that court back in 2013; not personalized (unsurprisingly), but again a nice touch, since courts usually don't do that. Of course, there is also the famous feather quills that the U.S. Supreme Court gives people who argue before it. (I don't have one of those, sorry to say.)

This made me wonder: What other particularly cool law mementos like this have you seen? Please post your answers below.