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Help! We Need a Name for a Series of Short Videos Explaining Free Speech Law

We've got a grant -- we've finished the first video (under 4 minutes) -- but we need a good title for the whole series.


I'm delighted to say that and I are putting together a series of short videos explaining free speech law. (I write the scripts and provide input on the visuals, which are graphical rather than talking-heads; does the visuals and the audio and provides input on the scripts.) We have a grant to do the first 10, and we're done with the first one.

The series is aimed especially at high school and college students, though we think it should be informative for everyone. But the one thing we're missing a catchy title (at most three words). Any suggestions? We'd love to hear them! Please post them below, or, if you prefer, e-mail me at volokh at