"First Mondays" Supreme Court Podcast: Highly Recommended

I just started to listening to this a few months ago (late adopter), I know, and I'm totally hooked.


If you have any interest at all in the Supreme Court—or in law more generally—you should listen to First Mondays, a podcast run by two young law professors, Dan Epps (Wash. U.) and Ian Samuel (soon to be at Indiana U. Bloomington). It's timely, informative, and funny, but what I like best is that it's two smart and thoughtful people who obviously like each other talking to each other with enthusiasm and knowledge about something they care a lot about. I've always found that to be one of the best formats for presentations: not a lecture or a panel but a conversation. And they pull it off superbly. Subscribe now!

(I've also just donated to support the podcast—but I say this just as further evidence of how much I like it; they'll be glad to have you as listeners even if you don't become donors.)