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A Volokh Conspiracy Reader Marriage


I just got the most delightful e-mail, which I'm reproducing with the sender's permission (and, I assume, that of the people involved):

I've been a long-time reader of the Conspiracy, going back to before you were at the Washington Post. I think I started in college, around 2003 or 2004. I don't think I ever commented, but I lurked a lot. One of your commenters at the time was theobromophile, who was in law school at the time and is now a lawyer …. And there was a third commentor, ASlyJD, who is [also] a lawyer now ….

Long story short, [ASlyJD] and [theobromophile] went from the blog comments section to Facebook friends, and I met [ASlyJD] through Ricochet, and each pair bonded over mutual conservative legal geekery. A couple years ago, [ASlyJD] suggested that [theobromophile] and I would like each other, and so I went up to Boston and met her. On our first date, we were talking about how we'd gotten to our various places in life, and [theobromophile] mentioned being a commenter on VC, and I remembered her comments—somewhat embarrassingly (I believe my outburst was "you're theobromophile?"—which I then added I had been pronouncing "the obromophile" for years). It's a little over a year later and we're now getting married ….

We thought, given your blog was what started in motion the relationships that led to this, that you should know, and that we should thank you.

They are so welcome!