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Twitter's Policy Changes Hurting This Russian's Bots

For historical reasons, this blog has three Twitter feeds -- @VolokhC (the main one) plus @VolokhConspirac and @VolokhCom -- but it looks like I'll have two close the latter two.


As I understand it, Twitter is changing its policy to bar users from automatically posting to multiple accounts, apparently to cut down on malicious or fraudulent bots. Unfortunately for us, when I set up the blog's Twitter feeds, I inadvertently set up and somehow promoted @VolokhCom and @VolokhConspirac as well as @VolokhC. (I forget exactly how the mixup happened, but it did.) Though the great majority of our readers are at @VolokhC, we have 6,700 put together on the other two accounts.

That used to be fine, because I just had the service automatically Tweet about all our posts to all three accounts, so there was no extra hassle for our readers (or for me). But now that won't be alllowed—and Twitter apparently doesn't let you merge two accounts, so by the end of this coming week, all our @VolokhCom and @VolokhConspirac subscribers will have to subscribe to @VolokhC if they want to keep getting our posts. (I'll also announce that through specific Tweets to those accounts.)

I'll also have to find some other way of handling our specialized free-speech-post-only and gun-post-only @VolokhSpeech and @VolokhGuns accounts. I think I should be able to Retweet some posts to those accounts, but I will no longer be able to do this automatically.

In any case, that's the situation, unless someone gives me a better idea.

If you'd rather get posts in other ways, here are two options:

  1. To get the Volokh Daily e-mail, go to, enter your e-mail address, and then click on the link in the verification e-mail that you get.
  2. To get each post in your Outlook mailbox as it appears (my favorite way for following most of my favorite blogs):
    • In Outlook 2007, go to Tools / Account Settings / RSS Feeds; in Office 365, go to File / Account Settings / Account Settings / RSS Feeds.
    • Then, in either version, click on New, enter the RSS address (for us, it's, click on Change Folder when that option comes up, and set the target folder to be the Inbox.