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University of Chicago Law Review Special Issue on Justice Scalia

Featuring the Solicitor General of the United States, Judge Amy Barrett, many others, and ... me.


The University of Chicago Law Review has just published a special issue devoted to the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who was a professor at Chicago for years until he became a judge (and then, of course a Supreme Court Justice). It includes short rembrances by friends and former clerks of the Justice, and a series of scholarly articles on Justice Scalia's work.

The table of contents is below:

Volume 84 Special Issue: Justice Antonin Scalia (1936–2016)

In Memoriam

Some Reflections on Justice Scalia
Lillian R. BeVier

Justice Scalia: Constitutional Conservative
Noel J. Francisco

Coots, Loons, and Civility
Taylor A.R. Meehan

The Education of a Law Clerk, with Thanks to Justice Scalia
Andrew J. Nussbaum

The Forthrightness of Justice Scalia
Ryan J. Walsh


Congressional Insiders and Outsiders
Amy Coney Barrett

Originalism as a Constraint on Judges
William Baude

Scalia in the Casebooks
Brian T. Fitzpatrick & Paulson K. Varghese

Justice Scalia's Other Standing Legacy
Tara Leigh Grove

Confronting Crawford: Justice Scalia, the Judicial Method, and the Adjudicative Limits of Originalism
Gary Lawson

Remembering the Boss
Jonathan F. Mitchell

Originalist Law Reform, Judicial Departmentalism, and Justice Scalia
Kevin C. Walsh