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It's so right that it usually doesn't happen

A very nice comment about our move.


One Ostap Karmodi (whom I don't know personally) writes this very nice comment on his Russian-language Facebook page:

The Volokh Conspiracy has moved to the site of Reason Magazine. This is so right, that in life it usually doesn't happen.

??????? ???????.

Egor Perov's comment to the same post also teaches me how to say "paywall" in Russian. (They didn't have those in 1975, when I left.) It's ???????—which, for those, who don't read Cyrillics, is just a transliteration of "paywall." One thing I like about modern Russian is how willing Russians are to ruthlessly borrow words from other languages, changing them only to suit Russian pronunciation: practicality over purism. They're like English speakers this way.