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'Wife … had hung a Hello Kitty towel on her door'—what am I missing here?


I came across a California family law case in a Westlaw query, and found this passage:

Husband testified to the following: He previously worked as a mechanical engineer for Boeing…. On June 14, 2014, Husband exchanged e-mails with Wife that he believed established their intent to divorce and legally separate. By then they were already sleeping in separate bedrooms.

[Footnote:] Realtor Lauren Cotner, who appraised the value of the house, testified both parties' rooms had locks on them. The lock on Wife's door made the house feel "like a fortress." Wife slept in the master bedroom and had placed a "kitchen-size refrigerator" in it, and had hung a Hello Kitty towel on her door.

I get most of this, but what's the relevance of the Hello Kitty towel? Is it some weird symbolism I'm not getting? Is it that no man would sleep in a bedroom with a Hello Kitty towel? What am I missing?