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Pro bono N.Y. local counsel for interesting (and simple) but short-notice First Amendment amicus brief?


[UPDATE: Thanks to those who responded; I think I'm now set—much appreciate the offers of help.]

I'd like to file an interesting (and simple) First Amendment amicus brief before the New York Appellate Division (supporting a request for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeals) in Brummer v. Wey, the takedown injunction case I discussed here. But the brief is due Thursday, I'm afraid, which I realize is short notice; and the subject matter is controversial enough that it might take a while for a largish firm (or even a smallish one) to approve it.

In any case, if anyone would be inclined to help, I'd be much obliged; just email me, please, at volokh at, and I'll send you the current draft of the brief. I'm doing the brief pro bono, but if there are printing or filing costs, I have funds that can cover them. Thanks!