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Looking for guidance on VR apps or games that work on the HTC Vive


I'm starting to experiment more with my HTC Vive, and I find it both intriguing and frustrating. I can't seem to get some of the program interfaces to work, and I'm not sure whether it's my error or just a buggy program. And beyond that, I'm not sure what's really worth trying.

I'd love to hear recommendations about what I should experiment with; I'm looking to get as broad experience as possible, so I'll try anything, whether a game or anything else. Just post your recommendations below, since I expect that many others might find this useful, too.

Also, if anyone is at all inclined to spend a bit of time guiding me through some of the trickier interfaces, I would be very much obliged. I'm sure that you folks are all busy—quite possibly busy playing cool VR games—but if you're in the mood to share some of your experience, that would be excellent. You can email me at volokh at, and we can set a time that's convenient for you.