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Jessie Liu will be the nominee for the United States attorney of the District of Columbia


The Associated Press and other news outlets are reporting that my friend Jessie K. Liu is going to be President Trump's nominee for the United States attorney of the District of Columbia. That's great news. Jessie is a former line attorney in that office, and she's just the kind of smart, hardworking and thoughtful person you would want to see nominated for that important job. I should also add that Jessie's husband, Michael Abramowicz, is my GW Law colleague and friend. A while back, Michael turned down a lateral offer from the University of Chicago Law School because he and his wife decided to stay in D.C. I have sufficient respect for the University of Chicago faculty that Michael's decision seemed pretty surprising then; it makes a lot more sense to me now.

I realize that there is a lot going on right now at the Justice Department that will draw vastly more attention than a nomination for the District's United States attorney. Understandably so! But I think this is a great pick, and I hope Jessie is speedily confirmed.