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Entertainment Weekly contributor writes: 'Movie called 'Orient Express'—and I don't see any Asian people on here'


So reports Observer (John Bonazzo) and RedState (Amelia Hamilton). (The Twitter account (@FilmFatale_NYC) has now been made private, so I can't personally confirm; UPDATE: Amelia Hamilton has included a screen-grab of the Tweet.) The author of the tweet describes herself as the founder of "'Film 4 Justice' where filmmakers, film writers/critics and film lovers use movies to advocate for social justice."

And what about the "China Syndrome"—with no Chinese? Or does Hanoi Jane count?

Of course, perhaps the tweet, from a "Film/TV contributor Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, NYTimes, Roger Ebert," is just a very deadpan parody. (For those who are curious, I myself do know that Hanoi is not in China.) Thanks to Ed Driscoll (InstaPundit) for the pointer.