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My upcoming speaking engagements


For readers who may be interested, here is a list of my upcoming speaking engagements for the next few months, through early June.

March 2, noon to 1:15 PM, Salt Lake City Federalist Society Lawyers Division Chapter: "Reviving Federalism in the Age of Trump," ( (with commentary by Utah law Professor Wayne McCormack), Salt Lake City, Utah.

March 3, 12 to 1:15 PM, SJ Quinney School of Law, University of Utah, sponsored by the Utah Federalist Society: "Trump, Federal, Power and the Left: Why Liberals Should Help Make Federalism Great Again," (with commentary by Utah law Professor Wayne McCormack), Salt Lake City Utah. This talk is based in large part on my blog post of the same name.

March 9, 11:40 AM-1 PM, New York University School of Law: "The Libertarian Case Against Trumpist Nationalism (with commentary by NYU Professor Jeremy Waldron, one of the world's leading legal and political theorists). Sponsored by the NYU Federalist Society.

March 14-15, Exact date and time TBA, University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law, Conference on "Decentralization and Development": "Foot Voting, Decentralization, and Development" (Sponsored by New York University and the University of Hong Kong). Hong Kong.

March 17, noon-1:30 PM, Cato Institute, "Rethinking Regulatory Takings: A Preview of Murr v. Wisconsin on the Eve of Oral Argument": Debate on Murr v. Wisconsin , an important property rights case currently before the Supreme Court, in which I wrote an amicus brief on behalf of nine state governments. My opponent in the debate will be Georgetown law professor J. Peter Byrne. Roger Pilon of the Cato Institute and Todd Gaziano of the Pacific Legal Foundation (the public interest law firm representing the Murr family) will also participate in the event. Washington, DC.

March 23, University of Calgary, noon-1 PM (tentative time): Debate on immigration (with Candice Malcolm of the True North Initiative). I will be defending my pro-immigration position, while Malcolm will advocate a far more restrictionist approach. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

April 8, Drake University Law School, Constitutional Law Center, Conference on "President Obama's Constitutional Law Legacy": I will be presenting my take on Barack Obama's constitutional legacy, along with several other legal scholars.

April 13, Bowling Green State University, Program on Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law, noon-1 PM (tentative time): "Democracy and Political Ignorance in the Age of Trump." Based in part on the newly expanded and revised edition of my book Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter. Bowling Green, Ohio.

April 20, Boston College Law School, noon-1 PM: Debate on same-sex marriage and the Constitution (with BC law professor Ryan Williams or a different opponent TBD). I will advocate the position I outlined in the amicus brief I coauthored in Obergefell v. Hodges, the case where the Supreme Court struck down state laws banning same-sex marriage. Sponsored by the BC Federalist Society.

April 21, American Bankruptcy Institute, Annual Spring Meeting, 8:30 AM-9:30 AM: Debate on how to resolve conflicts between originalism and precedent (with Northwestern law professor Bruce Markell). This event, I believe, is open only to paid participants in the ABI Annual Spring Meeting.

May 4, Columbus Federalist Society Lawyers Division Chapter, 12-1:15 PM: "Federalism and Sanctuary Cities." I have written about this topic here and here. Columbus, Ohio.

June 4-5, Law Faculty, University of Tel Aviv, Conference on "Judicial Review—Law and Politics" (exact time TBA): "The Debate over 'Judicial Activism'" (tentative title). This conference will include presentations by well-known legal scholars from both Israel and the United States, including Georgetown University Law Center Dean William Trainor, Frank Michelman (Harvard), Amnon Rubinstein (IDC Herzliya) and Joseph Weiler (NYU), among others. Sponsored by the Cegla Center for the Interdisciplinary Research of the Law.