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What happened when detained travelers challenged the Trump administration's latest executive order


Over at the Just Security blog, law professor Steve Vladeck has a useful post summarizing what happened in the five legal challenges filed over the weekend against the application of the Trump administration's new executive order on refugees. As Vladeck notes, these cases were primarily focused on providing swift relief for travelers affected by the executive order. Broader lawsuits, challenging the lawfulness of the executive order in its entirety, are likely to be filed as early as Monday.

Over at Lawfare, Quinta Jurecic rounds up links to the various court documents. Josh Blackman also has a post on the procedural aspects of the various cases at his blog.

Also at Lawfare, Paul Rosenzweig has posted a primer on refugee law.

Meanwhile, Zoe Tillman reports that there was some modicum of review at the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel.

The president himself has a statement on his Facebook page. (Is this new normal?)

Finally, don't miss Joby Warrick's article on how foreign jihadists have responded to the order.