D.C. Council considering whether to repeal the stun gun ban


Three plaintiffs, represented by lawyer George Lyon, are challenging the D.C. stun gun ban on Second Amendment grounds. Monday, a federal district court accepted the D.C. government's temporary agreement not to enforce D.C.'s total ban on stun guns against those plaintiffs, at least as to home possession and acquisition, and not to enforce the ban against those who would sell stun guns to these plaintiffs. The case is also stayed for 90 days, "while the Council for the District of Columbia enacts new legislation relevant to the issues in this case." And "The District agrees to pay plaintiffs' reasonable attorney's fees and costs incurred through the date of this Order."

This is not a legal concession on the District's part; but it does suggest that the council really is seriously considering repealing the stun gun ban—and perhaps replacing it with a more limited regulatory scheme—in response to the lawsuit.