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Upcoming Law & Economics Center seminars for law professors and judges


The George Mason Law & Economics Center has two upcoming seminars in October that may be of interest to some readers and for which we still have a few openings left.

For Law Professors, we have our upcoming "LEC Workshop for Law Professors on Public Choice Economics" from October 5-7. We have a special program this year in celebration of the 30th Anniversary of James Buchanan's receipt of the Nobel Prize in Economics for his pathbreaking research on public choice. Lecturers in the law professors workshop will include Luigi Zingales and Michael Munger (in addition to myself). Information is available here.

For judges, we are pleased to kick off our 42nd consecutive year of offering our Economics Institute for Judges from October 16-21. This program is open to state and federal judges of all levels. Details can be found here. The LEC will also be hosting two Economics Institutes in the spring as well and information can be found on the website if you'd like to apply to those.

Both programs will be held at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University campus in Arlington and are free for participants.