UCLA Supreme Court Clinic gets another certiorari grant, now has four Supreme Court cases this term


Congratulations to UCLA's Supreme Court Clinic and my colleague Stuart Banner for the recent grant of certiorari in Betterman v. Montana, the clinic's fourth merits case this term. For those unfamiliar with Supreme Court practice, four cases in one term is a lot.

The other three cases are

  1. Torres v. Lynch, an immigration case argued in November;
  2. Heffernan v. City of Paterson, a First Amendment case that will be argued in January (I'm listed on the briefs in that one, though I helped out only a bit); and
  3. Utah v. Strieff, a criminal case that will be argued in February.

Congratulations as well to the students who worked on the cases: Casey Curran, Colin Devine, Conner Johnston, Adam Lloyd, Katie Seiden and Sonia Vucetic.