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King v. Burwell—The VC's Greatest Hits (UPDATED)


[Note: This post has been updated and re-posted.]

On Wednesday, March 4, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in the third Obamacare case to reach One First Street, King v. Burwell. The question in the case is whether the IRS is authorized to issue tax credits in exchanges established by the federal government, given that the statute only expressly authorizes such credits for the purchase of insurance in exchanges "established by the State."

The arguments upon which the plaintiffs' case are based were first aired on the VC in this post from September 2011. Additional posts followed. It doesn't make sense to link to them all, but here are some of the highlights from VC blogging on this case over the past few years.

If, somehow, all this is not enough, here's the video of my recent Federalist Society debate on the case and here's a link to the amicus brief I co-authored with Michael Cannon. All the other briefs are available here.

Without doubt, there will be more posts on this case to come.

UPDATE: Here are some of the VC's post-argument posts: