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Judge James L. Buckley, "Saving Congress from Itself"


Legendary DC Circuit Judge (and former U.S. Senator) James L. Buckley has a new book out, "Saving Congress from Itself: Emancipating States and Empowering Their People." I confess that I haven't read it yet, but I attended a book reception with Judge Buckley when the book appeared and found it very intriguing. His basic idea in the book is to eliminate grants from the federal government to the states, which would not only save money but also revitalize federalism (the ability of the federal government to tax and then send money back to the states is also one of the institutional cornerstones of "cartel federalism" as described by my colleague Michael Greve).

For those who are interested in learning more, George Leef reviews the book at

Richard Reinsch also has an interesting podcast interview with Judge Buckley at the Liberty Law blog.