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"The Troll's Lawyer"


Over at Medium, Adam Penenberg writes at length about the CFAA prosecution of my former client, Andrew Auernheimer, aka "weev," as well as the work of his trial counsel Tor Ekeland. An excerpt about the sentencing proceeding:

Auernheimer didn't temper his behavior inside the courtroom either. He had packed the visitor's gallery with supporters while outside protesters were chanting about Internet freedom.

Ekeland was taking in all the weirdness when Auernheimer told him, "Tor, listen. We don't want to get a small sentence here. Because if we get a big sentence, it's going to be better for the press, for the cause, for everything." He wanted the maximum publicity and that meant he must martyr himself.

"Okay, dude," Ekeland replied. "You're hardcore. All right."

"And I want to go to jail immediately."

UPDATE: Shortly after posting, I removed a second excerpt just to be extra-cautious about copyright issues. There are lots of other very interesting tidbits in the full-length version over at Medium.