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Reader poll on changes at the Volokh Conspiracy


Last year, the Volokh Conspiracy moved to the Washington Post. And just recently, we went behind the Post's (very permeable) paywall. I have some thoughts on how these shifts have changed the blog. But before I offer them, I wanted to start with a reader poll to get your feedback on how we're doing. Just three questions, with my thanks to readers who take the time to weigh in.

For the first question, please answer only if you consider yourself a regular reader of the Volokh Conspiracy.

When did you start to read the Volokh Conspiracy on a regular basis? Before 2005 From 2005 to 2010 After 2010, but before to the switch to the Post last year After the switch to the Post Free polls from

For the second question, please answer only if you consider yourself a regular reader of the blog both before and after the switch over to the Post:

Following the switch to the Post, has the blog become better, worse, or about the same? Much better Slightly better The same Slightly worse Much worse Free polls from

Finally, every reader is invited to answer this last question:

Do you expect the paywall to change how often you read the Volokh Conspiracy? No, because I pay for a Post subscription. No, because I have a .gov/.edu/.mil account and registered it. No, because I'll just work around the paywall somehow. Yes, I will read the blog slightly less. Yes, I will read the blog much less. Yes, I will stop reading the blog entirely. Yes, I have already stopped reading the blog, and yet somehow I am taking this poll anyway. Free polls from

Thanks for the feedback. Comments are open, as always.