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"Things are going to start happening to [the Federalist Society] now."


Here's an item that will seem trivial to a lot of readers, but might be interesting to some. For many years, the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) has refused to acknowledge in its Annual Meeting program the academic offerings of the Federalist Society Faculty Division conference that occurs over the same period. This had been the case despite the AALS program including events offered by the left-wing Society of Law Teachers (SALT). The Federalist Society was required to have its events in a different hotel, too.

This year, however, the AALS has agreed for the first time to include a description of Federalist Society events in the AALS program. You can see it here starting at page 127. I understand that the Federalist Society's events will be permitted in the AALS hotel, too, starting in 2016.

No big deal in grand scheme of things, of course. It's just a program and a conference hotel location. Still, it's an interesting development given past complaints by some conservatives about the AALS's political bias, especially concerning this policy. Who knows, maybe Stephen Bainbridge will become an AALS fan one day.

Title with apologies to Navin R. Johnson.