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Johnny Dronehunter: Defender of Privacy


Somehow I missed this video when it first came out two months ago, but I thought it's a good humorous accompaniment to the recent defense-against-drone posts (here and here).

It's not good serious accompaniment, of course: Shooting down drones over someone else's property (or over public property) just because you don't approve of drones, or just for fun, is illegal destruction of property, except in highly unusual circumstances. The strong case for the use of force (nondeadly to humans, though damaging to drones) arises when it is photographing you on your own property, or perhaps—perhaps—when it is following you and deliberately recording you. And of course note that silencers (the particular product being sold in the view) are regulated and taxed under federal law, and banned altogether in some states, so check out the rules before buying one. But that's just for the people who tend to take things seriously; I don't think the video is meant that way.

[UPDATE: Sorry, the initial embed of the video didn't work; it should be good now.]